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Food and Brown Outs and Feeling Good

By Tracyrosen @tracyrosen

Now that I’ve got that last post out of my system I can get on with things :) It’s amazing what spending a day buying good food then preparing it can do for one’s virtuosity. Went to the farmers market in Hudson yesterday – needed to get out of the house! Got lots of blueberries, herbs, a pepper squash (even though that feels too much like the end of the summer to me) some kohlrabi (apparently it’s good raw…never made it before), kale (what do you do with that?), onions, carrots, zucchini, pasture fed Angus beef (mmmmmmmm), those little yellow Ontario plums (heaven), peaches, bok choy, broccoli, and I’m sure some more stuff. A good haul, I’d say! Cooked up the broccoli and some delicious pork loin chops I had in the fridge, with an equally delicious spicy coconut curry sauce. That was after the weird brown out I had. Have you ever had a brown out before? When I got home I noticed the lights in my fridge were really dim, then tried the lights elsewhere – all very romantic. Though the internet was working, as was my cordless phone. Strange. Then everything went out while I was nursing Jack so we were bonding in the dark. Luckily everything came back on an hour or so later so that all of the food I bought could be properly cared for!

So, I’m eating healthier. Feels good. Getting moving again too, also feels good. Applied for a few jobs yesterday – the LTO (long term occasional – Ontario’s version of replacement position or long term substitution) positions are being posted, ditto on the feeling good.

Let’s see how I feel after I finish some of these sewing projects hanging around the joint. I’m guessing I’ll be on fire, baby!

What are you feeling good about?

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