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Follow Up To The Value Of Your Time

By Gjosefsberg @gjosefsberg

MoneyLast week I spoke about the monetary value of my time.  Since then I’ve received a couple of questions from readers along the lines of:

“But what if I really like haggling?”

Well, in that case we’re no longer talking about your time purely in terms of dollars.  Now we have some kind of other value, which is the enjoyment you get out of haggling.  For me, I don’t really enjoy bargaining so there’s no value other than money.  However, I could say the same about walking my dog.  I could pay the neighbor’s kid $20 to take Daisy for an hour’s walk which would save me $75 of my time.  However, I like walking Daisy and I want the exercise so I do it myself.

So yes, if the activity is one that you enjoy, you might actually be willing to pay for doing it, either in actual money or in terms of your time.

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