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Flying High with Kever Rashbi on Lag B'Omer

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
While it seems the idea of having another full closure and lockdown for Lag B'Omer has been dropped, there will still be a lockdown on Mount Meron. Visitors will not be allowed in the area. Even residents of Meron will not be allowed to visit the Kever Rashbi or go up near it. A limited number of bonfires will be lit By the Kever Rashbi complex and will supposedly be streamed via the Internet for those who want to watch.
While one cannot be at the Kever of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, one company is saying that they have obtained permits for flyovers, with the helicopter hovering over the Kever Rashbi complex for ten minutes each flyover, so the client can daven. This service will cost you just $1200.
flying high with Kever Rashbi on Lag B'Omer
I have seen a similar service advertised in previous years, but if my memory serves me that was to get you to Kever Rashbi and avoid traffic and the long and crowded bus rides. This year you will get to Kever Rashbi, but from above. You won't be right there, but you will be as close as you can get!
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