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Fly Traps Or Fly Bait Stations – Get Them Before They Get In.

By Probestpest @ProBestPest


Have  you ever noticed something annd couldn’t quite figure out what it is? This might be one of   those cases, just below the screen at a fast food restaurant  you notice the plastic box. Its actually for flies, the flies are attracted to a bait and go itno the box and eat the bait and fly off and die.

The EZ-Strike Fly Bait Station is a tamper-resistant with key fly bait station featuring medical grade plastic. It is designed to allow light into the station. EZ-Strike can be easily installed around dumpsters, fence lines, fast food restaurants and harborage areas. The EZ-Strike is a convenient size, mulitple colors and has a tray that slides quickly into place. The tray can be loaded with the bait of choice, and the easy-entry key add to the formula that makes emptying, cleaning and maintaining by a Professional Pest Management company this fly bait system is efficient and cost effective. This system attempts to get to the flies before they make their way into your home of business. 

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