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Florida Gun Owner Kills Roomate Over a Pork Chop

Posted on the 14 December 2012 by Mikeb302000
Florida Gun Owner Kills Roomate over a Pork Chop Local news reports 
A roommate was killed over a pork chop dispute in Holly Hill, Florida Tuesday night. 
The fatal disagreement came soon after Robert Eugene Gray, Jr., 35, arrived home drunk. He and Thomas Matthew Hahn, 55, argued over how to prepare the pork chop meal and it turned to violence. 
Hahn used a .22-caliber Ruger rifle to settle the issue with one of his three roommates. 
"This appears to be a senseless act of violence stemming from a minor domestic dispute between roommates," said police Chief Mark Barker."  There is no clear answer at this hour as to why [he] acted with such extreme violence."
Good thing so few gun owners drink and have problems with conflict resolution.
By the way, does he remind you of anyone?
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