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Flippa 2022 Insights Report

Posted on the 09 January 2023 by Worldwide @thedomains
Flippa 2022 Insights Report

Blake Hutchison CEO of Flippa, published the 2022 Flippa Insights Report. It’s a long and detailed look at all things Flippa in 2022.

From the top search terms, to which sectors were hot, to the number of new registered buyers there is a lot to decipher.

170,000 net new buyers joined the Flippa platform with these buyers segmented into three distinct type(s) – Institutional & Company Buyers, Acquisition Entrepreneurs and Side Hustlers.

From the article:

#2 Shopify Leading the Pack BUT Content is (Still) King

Flippa recorded a massive 4.6MM queries this year and Shopify based Ecommerce businesses dominated buyer demand in 2022 with 3.6% of all queries. This equated to 19 searches per hour and a total of 169,000 queries. Ecommerce as a business model is highest on the list for both professional acquirers and first-time buyers and Shopify’s place at the top of the list is no doubt a function of the platform’s extraordinary brand awareness and huge variety of stores available across all acquisition budgets. Interestingly, there was a peak in search volume with the closure of Shopify’s Flippa clone, Exchange Marketplace.

Rounding out the top 5 search terms and way out in front of the rest were Blog, Amazon, Adsense, and SaaS. Given the relationship between Blog, Adsense and other content related queries, content dependent assets are still attracting enormous buy-side attention with ~300,000 unique searches for content related assets. As they say, content is (still) king

Clearly, most buyers will start their search mandate thinking about a business model or platform. Acquirers will typically orientate to a business model they know best or a model where they have a complimentary skillset.

Search for Amazon powered businesses was at its peak during Q1 and Q2 when the FBA aggregator rush was still peaking. Despite a drop off here and increases to third party seller fees and a reduction in affiliate payouts, acquirers for Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA), Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM), Kindle Publishing (KDP) and the Amazon affiliate offering known as Amazon Associates, buyers are still in market and this will no doubt please Amazon business owners fearful of a short-term cooling in their market. If you are sitting on an Amazon business and want to sell, there’s still a very large acquirer base waiting to capitalize on maturing assets. 

There is a lot more for you to delve into here. If you are someone buying and selling websites who uses or is thinking about using Flippa, it’s worth reading in my opinion.

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