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FlexOffers Review 2019: How I Made $400 With This Network (Proofs)

Posted on the 29 July 2019 by Jitendra Vaswani @JitendraBlogger

In this post, I have shared FlexOffers Review 2019. It has an extended affiliate network which provides all-inclusive features and services to online advertisers and publishers. This platform gives you a vast majority of options for marketing, data delivery, and payment methods. A large number of people who likes writing a blog are interested in ways to monetize it and make it a way of income. There are various companies who can help you with that.

FlexOffers Review 2019: How I Made $400 With This Network (Proofs)

What is FlexOffers?

It is a network which has more than 12000 advertisers. It is actually famous for recruiting affiliates, blog monetization, or to add additional revenue streams to the business. Many companies use FlexOffers to manage their affiliate programs. With FlexOffers you can promote your products and services on your respective channel.

FlexOffers Review 2019: How I Made $400 With This Network (Proofs)

Content feed and text links are two methods which you can use to do this. Other than these two there are many methods to do that you can choose anyone. Advertisers get a platform from FlexOffers where they can create improved, meaningful and profitable relationships.

It is because they get access to an affiliate network where they can easily get quality partnerships that will help them to expand their reach in the market. This affiliate network company based in Miami, Florida. It was originally founded back in 2008. Since then they have offices all over the world like in Boston, San Francisco, and North Carolina.

FlexOffer Review With Earning Proof $400

You can see the offers I run with FlexOffers , I promoted them through SEO & PPC ads 🙂 One thing I didnt like in Flexoffers is that their payment cycle is slow as compared to other ad networks. But as I have VIP publishers access my offers get approved instantly. So I am sure if you get in touch with Flexoffers tea, they will surely assist you with best offers & VIP Access.

FlexOffers Review 2019: How I Made $400 With This Network (Proofs)
FlexOffers Review 2019: How I Made $400 With This Network (Proofs)

How does it work?

FlexOffers is actually interested in those companies or individuals who have an affiliate program and need help in managing it. Even if you don't have an affiliate program and you wanna create one by using the additional revenue. It actually connects advertisers with publishers. You have a website but don't have any advertisers to place ads on your website then FlexOffers will help you in finding advertisers.

Once you sign up here and get approved then you can find advertisers. FlexOffers network is connected with tens of thousands of publishers and advertisers.

FlexOffers Review 2019: How I Made $400 With This Network (Proofs)

Both parties get access to brands and people from with they wanna make a profitable relationship which will benefit all of them. Most of the publishers get all the help from FlexOffers and their advertisers. The advertiser provides them images and all the other content from the web to promote a product. Advertisers can manage all the creative and unique content which they upload on the network. FlexOffers provide support to both advertisers and publishers through phone or email. FlexOffers provides advertisers:

You can browse the advertisers and choose those that are appropriate to your slot to promote to your audience but you can get access to this if you are a publisher. You can promote your products on Flexoffers by video marketing, blogging, podcasting, and offline marketing.

  • Sales and conversion tracking
  • Publisher payments
  • Tracking links Reporting
  • Compliance control
  • Publisher pre-filtering and recruiting
  • Publisher application handling
  • Publisher support system
  • Guidance on how to promote information, etc.
FlexOffers Review 2019: How I Made $400 With This Network (Proofs)
FlexOffers Review 2019: How I Made $400 With This Network (Proofs)
FlexOffers Review 2019: How I Made $400 With This Network (Proofs)

Free for publishers, not for advertisers:

It is only free for publishers but for advertisers, the features are different and expensive, there packages from which they get to choose like the basic package in which they have to pay $500 upfront plus a deposit of $100.

FlexOffers Review 2019: How I Made $400 With This Network (Proofs)

The network only takes 5% of what's paid to publishers and it's fine because other networks demand at least 20%. There is a package with a high price for amateurs who have less experience in this field and it's called hands-on package and network will help them to build and maintain their network for 90 days and it's like a coaching program. But if you are an expert in this area you can take the self-managed plan where you can easily build your own tools and links at a cheaper price.

Publisher referral program:

This program works simply and effectively. Like you are a publisher in FlexOffers and you refer to another publisher to FlexOffers and if they accept then you'll get a portion of their sales.

FlexOffers Review 2019: How I Made $400 With This Network (Proofs)

For referral, you have to fill out a refer-a-friend form and send it to the network and then you just wait for their approval. Your earning depends on a calculation like the more you refer and the more you earn. There is no restriction on referrals and your earnings will increase by each referral.

Advertisers set the publishing model:

Advertisers gain access to a feature that lets them choose which publishing models their products can show on. As a publisher, you might not get a chance to promote a certain product depending on which type of publishing model you have.

FlexOffers Review 2019: How I Made $400 With This Network (Proofs)

It's an opportunity too because if an advertiser is choosing your publishing model then you can promote their products on your website.

Tracking is easy:

FlexOffers provides a tracking feature. It is like a progress bar which updates the stats within an hour, every hour. It tracks each and every click, earning per click, transactions, conversion rates, and commissions too. There is also a live tracking feature which lets you check clicks, impressions, and conversions as they are happening.


All the publishers get to a very user-friendly dashboard. When you first signup in FlexOffers you will be provided a personal dashboard. Every new announcement about the network will also show on your dashboard you check it anytime you want. It is a very trustworthy affiliate marketing network which has many tools and they are very easy to use.

Logistics will never be a pain:

The main focus of FlexOffers is cost-per-sale but it also supports all kinds of publishing models and ads. Everything you need to promote your content is available in FlexOffers and ready to download like banner links, deep links, and HTML links. You can use a million links from FlexOffers. There are currently more than 10,000 publishers connected to FlexOffers so as a publisher you will be in a very good company.

Payments are easy and reliable:

As a publisher, you will be paid on a NET30 basis, which is very awesome for an affiliate network. The meaning of NET30 is that the payment is due to the publisher within 30 days of a sale is done. FlexOffers makes payment very quickly than any other network, it doesn't need to wait for the complete and final process for sales. Top publishers who actually brought large traffic with their publishing models within two months are qualified for payment on NET7 basis which means that they'll get paid within 7 days of a sale.

A support system is great:

You will get support whenever you need it from FlexOffers support team. You can contact them through email or phone. It is an affiliate network means you have to do all the things on your own but in the case of an emergency you'll be provided customer service by FlexOffers. Advertisers and publishers both get access to high-quality customer service.

Who should consider FlexOffers?

FlexOffers provides a publisher more than 12,000 advertisers, a large number of products and services. So if you have a website and you wanna earn through it then FlexOffers is the best place for getting advertisers for your website.

There are many factors through which you can earn from it so it's really hard to tell the exact income figure. But there are some restrictions too to get started with FlexOffers like you must be at least 18 years old, your site shouldn't have any pornography, gambling, hate propaganda or materials which encourages illegal activities and much more. After you get approved from FlexOffers then you can start earning with it.

You can get started as either an advertiser or a publisher.

FlexOffers Review 2019: How I Made $400 With This Network (Proofs)

Payments methods are very reliable in FlexOffers you can get paid in two categories NET7 and NET30. The first one is that you'll be paid within 7 days and the other one that you'll be paid within 30 days after a sale is done.

FlexOffers is a perfect option for businesses who would like to build a large number of affiliates who can promote their products and services. People who wanna earn through affiliate marketing then FlexOffers is the right place for them. There is no actual proof from advertisers that you can make money through FlexOffers but there are many publishers who actually earn through FlexOffers up to $10,000 within two months.

How to promote products through a Blog Post?

You can easily promote an affiliate product by just providing the link directly connected to that affiliate product but with FlexOffers you choose a product with valuable content to promote through your blog post.

FlexOffers Review 2019: How I Made $400 With This Network (Proofs)

Valuable content offers you to provide your visitors with a piece of important information about why they should choose it. People only take action when they understand something so when you will teach them and make them understand about it then it will be beneficial for you and them both.

In FlexOffers it comes under the category of cost-per-lead which can be very tricky sometimes because when you ask for the lead's information them they ask advertisers to provide that information to you. You should only include those links which are easy to access and get started on like they just have to provide the details to the program to get started.

So whenever someone clicks your link and see that program then you'll receive payment for each click.

FlexOffers Review 2019: How I Made $400 With This Network (Proofs)

If you are a blog writer then you can write a good blog article and add one of these links so they understand the program and click on the link to get started in that program quickly by just signing up in that program. Whatever way you choose to promote that particular program you must use your own landing page or a blog before sending traffic to that affiliate program so you can check the traffic's information easily on your page.

How To Get Traffic To The Affiliate Program?

There are plenty of ways that you can get people to see your content where you promote an affiliate program. You can get most of the traffic from social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest or search engines. You can promote your blog posts through Facebook ads as well as Bing ads but before doing that you must know about what is earning per click.

FlexOffers Review 2019: How I Made $400 With This Network (Proofs)

Earning per click is a way provided by affiliate programs to earn money from a click on the link. FlexOffers record that data in three periods which are 7,30 and 90-day period.

Let's take an example like you're using YouTube to advertise your content means by clicking your ad on youtube the traffic will directly land on your page then you have to decide how much you should pay youtube for each visitor on your page. This is actually measured through this cost-per-click method.

Pros and Cons

Quick Links:

Conclusion: Is FlexOffers the Best Affiliate Network?

There are a lot of people who actually earned money through FlexOffers because it provides a large number of options of advertisers which as a publisher you can easily choose. It is a very trustworthy network, there are a lot of reviews about FlexOffers online and blog posts also which promotes FlexOffers.

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Features are dependable, payments are easy and high quality of customer care service no one can get or expect more than that. That is why this network has a positive reputation in the affiliate marketing. If you'd like to add affiliate marketing to your business then Flex offers is a good affiliate network to get started.

Even if you have a business already don't worry you will make more money through affiliate marketing. Actually, Flexoffer has a lot to offer you. Then what are you thinking start earning money through affiliate marketing today? Join FlexOffers forget amazing results.

FlexOffers Review 2019: How I Made $400 With This Network (Proofs)
  • A large number of companies and products to promote
  • Tracking helps you to get the information on your promotion efforts
  • Support is awesome and you'll get support by an affiliate manager.
  • Net7 or Net30 payment methods instead of instant, daily or weekly
  • Suitable for many programs but not for all.
  • It can be time-consuming to select advertisers for a program

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