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Flashy Footballers and Their Even Flasher Cars

By Stuartnoel @theballisround

With weekly pay packets more than triple of the average worker’s yearly wage, it’s no wonder that the world’s best footballers have a spare bit of cash to play with. And what better way to use it than by buying some of the most beautiful cars on the market?

They’re big, flashy and pricey. This list of footballers’ cars by Autoweb showcases the best cars that each sportsman has to his name – and it makes for interesting reading.

For most of us, the most attainable car would be the Audi 07, which will set you back around £60,000. French player Thierry Henry’s car collection includes this bulky ride, and can top 154mph with that impressive engine.

The most expensive car goes to Cristiano Ronalo though: the sleek and stylish Bugatti Veyron can set you back around £1,500,000. That’s a drop in the ocean for the £200,000 per-week earner, though.


Flashy footballers and their even flasher cars

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