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Flash / Install CyanogenMod 10.1 Nightly On Nexus 4 Based On Android 4.2

Posted on the 01 December 2012 by Skateroren @ProgramsAlive
  • Rooted Nexus 4 with CWM recovery
  • CM10 Nightly Package ZIP
  • Google Apps for Android 4.2
  • At least 50% or more battery charge left
ADB is not a requirement for this, but it’s good to have it installed on your computer, just in case you need to revert back. Also, we recommend taking a Nandroid backup of your current configuration, just in case. You can download the aforementioned files from
Step 1: Download both CM10 nightly package and Google Apps, and transfer them to the root of your device’s internal memory.
Step 2: Reboot your Nexus 4 into recovery by first pressing and holding power & volume up, and then selecting recovery.
Step 3: Do a Wipe Data/Factory Reset, followed by Wipe Cache.
Step 4: Navigate down the recovery menu to Advanced, and here, perform a Dalvik Cache Wipe.
Step 5: Go back, and choose Install ZIP From SD Card, followed by Choose ZIP from SD Card. Select the CM10 nightly package and let it flash.
Step 6: Once complete, repeat step 5 and flash the Google Apps package.
Step 7: Once that is done, too, reboot the device.

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