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By Emma @lamodedemm
Yesterday evening I went to see FKA Twigs at The Roundhouse and it was PHENOMENAL! She sings, dances and is truly an artist! Her trademark moves were out in FULL force too! Her stage presence and choreography were soo well suited to her music; seriously I was very impressed (as I knew I would be). 

I have to say, it's such politics standing during music concerts. You have to be soo tactful and smart about watching out for people who are pushing in, or those who act like they have a friend near the front or those who are intentionally getting in your way! I started off nearish the front, but due to my agile feet (when they choose to be) I ended up two rows from the front a short while after (YAY!)

FKA TwigsFKA TwigsFKA TwigsFKA Twigs

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