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Five Pictures. Trip to Seattle Edition.

By Bloggerfather @bloggerfather


I've mentioned before that my wife has started working in Seattle, which is a little far from Baltimore, or from any other civilized place. So I took the kids on a plane and headed over for a visit. The kids are not in the suitcase.

Merry Go Round

Old School playground, with a merry-go-round!

Seattle Beach

We went to another playground, where a mommy playgroup from Hell suddenly surrounded us, screaming to each other about who ate what solids and how far ahead or below the curve their toddlers were. We escaped and went for a walk on the beach.

Snow Leopards

We went to the zoo, and took pictures of snow leopards.

Space Needle

We went to the Space Needle and watched Seattle in all its glory. Now, this is actually a good story, so bear with me: We went all the way to the top of an observation tower, only to be surrounded by clouds. At this point, I had two options. I could tell the kids that we were unlucky, and that next time we we're going to be in Seattle,  we were going to go up later in the day, when we could actually see something. Instead, I bought a bag of M&Ms in the cafe, sat with the kids, and opened the bag, telling them, "Isn't this great? When we go back to Baltimore, we'll be able to tell everyone we ate M&Ms INSIDE A CLOUD!" And now, whenever anyone asks them how was their trip to Seattle, the first thing they say is, "We ate M&Ms in a cloud!"

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