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Five Organizational Principals for Your Home

By Djridings @fivethingsnow

To manage your home is without a doubt a tough thing to do. In order for your house to look presentable, you have to juggle plenty of responsibilities and roles without making any compromises. What’s good about things being in their proper place is that they are easily found when you need them and you are in a rush. This saves you both time and effort. Maintaining an organized home will increase your productivity and have a positive impact on your efficiency. Each item in the home needs to have its specific spot which it must be returned to once you are done using it. This will impose a sense of order. So here are five universal principles that will help you maintain a tidy and organized dwelling.

1.Saying goodbye is never easy
The first step to a change for the good is always getting rid of what you don’t need. Don’t stick to items that have not been used for quite some time and there is aspect for them being put into good use anytime soon or at all. Throwing away something you own might not sound appealing to you, but this way you will actually free room for something you actually need. Ask yourself where was the last time you used the item in mind. This will help you make the right decision. However, if a certain item can still be used and you believe that someone you know might benefit from it, give it away. This will be like killing two birds with one stone.

2.Make it shine
Once you dispose of the useless stuff, it is time to give the place a thorough cleaning. Scan around the house and carefully examine all areas of your home. See what is not in the presentable condition it needs to be and take care of it. Otherwise, what is the sense of organizing if the place will remain dirty? Having a clean AND organized home is what gives your dwelling the perfect look it deserves.

3.Group together all like things
Once you have removed the unwanted things and cleaned the place, start pondering over how to group all the items that are left in the house. For example, keep all your stationary (envelopes, stamps, stapler, glue, pens) in one place so that you know where to look for whatever you need, depending on its usage. This rule is universal and applies to all items in the house, regardless if it’s kitchen utensils, toiletries, medicines, etc.

4.If you lack space – create some
In case you realize that you need more space for storing purposes, experiment in order for you to create some. Indulge into some DIY. For example, you can put up shelves, which is not only quite inexpensive, but also relatively easy and  does not require special handyman skills. There are even special kits sold at hardware store that will help you in this undertaking. Just remember to put up the shelves on such height so that it is convenient for you to reach what you need.

5.Consider using containers
Using containers of all sort is an easy and practical way to save space and reduce clutter to a minimum. For instance, with clothes, you can use plastic container bags. Especially for out-of-season clothes. Simply fold them, put them in the container bag and put them away until the time is right. As for bigger, sturdier objects, consider either cardboard boxes or such, made of hard plastic. In a way, they are something like a more easily portable cabinet. Plus, this will protect your items form the dust in the air and you won’t need to clean them that often.

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