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Five On Friday

By Cait @caitscozycorner
Another week has come and gone and I for one am super excited for this weekend. For whatever reason I feel like this week has gone super slow work wise, however blog wise things are moving full speed ahead. I have a lot to get done for some fun things coming your way next week and getting us packed up to head to Florida for the fourth of July! Don't worry, I'll attempt to slow down eventually but right now, I'm feeling blessed to be so busy!
Of course, as our usual Friday goes around here, I like to share some things I'm loving this week and these are seriously some cute things in this post. As always, I love hearing what you're enjoying too, your weekend plans or some fun recipes you have  ( I need to bring something to a picnic we're going too later Sunday night in our neighborhood and I have no idea what to bring! HELP ! ).
Five On Friday1. Pursecase- You guys know I love a good iPhone case and this one has me toting around with every outfit. This adorable pursecase is a must for grabbing and running out the door. The black and gold is my favorite since I think it goes with many of my daily outfits and can take them from day to night. I also love the small side where I can put my license and credit card when I'm heading out for a girls night after work. It's totally a favorite!
2. I'm Not The Person You Married. This article came up the other day on a friend's page and it struck close to home. I have a tendency to put my toddler before my husband at times. I argue with this story because although you put your kids first, you really should be your husband/partner first to mirror a strong married/relationship to your children. Any thoughts?
Five On Friday3. Toddlerhood. Each stage of Lily's life is a blessing. When we reached the two year old phase almost 6 ago, Zach and I weren't sure what we were getting ourselves into but we've learned so much from her with her silly personality but fierce tantrums. This girl has been officially potty trained for the last 6 days and we are so proud of her! These steps really helped us.
Five On Friday4. Nails. It's a treat for me to get my nails done. I never really appreciated how complete I feel with just a bit of polish to make an outfit seem to stand out or boost my self esteem. I normally don't go often but when I do it's the perfect pick me up to boost my mood. By the way, the color I'm wearing is an OPI Funny Bunny. How cute right?!
Five On Friday
5. Baby Showers. I'm so excited to attend a friend's baby shower on Sunday. To me, there is nothing more special than having your best girls by your side embarking on your big journey into motherhood. Plus, I love seeing the super cute outfits and gifts everyone gets. I'm such a sucker for all things cute and little.
Don't forget about the $25 gift cardI'm giving away! It ends Monday!What are your plans this weekend?
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