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Five Must-have Cleaning Products Every Kitchen Needs

By Djridings @fivethingsnow

How many of these cleaning products do you have?

Americans are more aware now than ever before of synthetic ingredients in everything they use. From clothing to personal care products and from food products to cleaning products, Americans are moving away from synthetic and toward natural. The companies producing these products are aware of all of this and are moving to make natural products. Here are five that will be absorbed into the skin, but won’t hurt the body the way synthetic toxins do.

Baking Soda

The fridge can’t be cleaned with harsh cleaners like ammonia or pine cleaners because the food will taste funny. Baking soda, made into a soupy mixture, cleans and deodorizes without leaving residue or awful smells. The food will taste good and the fridge will be clean. Baking soda is also good for cleaning the oven and lifting the burners to clean underneath.

Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap

Made from olive oil and essential oils, the soap is the purest available. Diluted different ways, castile soap can be used as bath soap, shampoo, pet shampoo and household cleaner. One or two capfuls are mixed with one quart of water in a spray bottle for most uses as a cleaning solution. Wash fruits and vegetables in the soap before cooking, remembering to rinse well or the food will taste soapy.

Seventh Generation Glass Cleaner

Seventh Generation products are made of plant-based materials and water. Period. The cleaner may be used on stainless steel appliances, marble counter tops and other surfaces as well as glass and mirrors. Does not streak or have noxious fumes. The company makes natural dishwasher and dish soaps that won’t clog Utah plumbing or leave chemical residues in drains.

Olive Oil and Lemon

Wood requires some moisture or it will dry out and crack. Rubbing a mixture of one part olive oil to two parts lemon juice will provide wood cabinets the moisture they need along with a beautiful glow. This mixture is also good for hardwood floors in the breakfast nook or dining room. If there are some problems spots you can’t get clean yourself, you can call a Utah cleaning company to get those difficult spots clean.

Simple Green Naturals Floor Care

For ceramic tile, linoleum, laminate and slate floors, this all natural cleaner won’t streak and it gets up scuffs and oily residues from feet and shoes. Green Seal certified. All you do is spray and mop. No rinsing required.

All kitchens need natural cleaners so our own plus smaller hands don’t absorb harsh chemical cleaners’ toxins. Happy cleaning!

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