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Five Minute Friday: Light

By Doulalovelou
Five Minute Friday: Light
The clouds parted & the sun broke through.
The heavenly spotlight shining down on a Man. Beaten, shattered and hanging from a cross.
“This is my body broken for you.”
“This is my blood shed for you.”
“Behold, I make all things new. Even you.”

The light is blinding and too intense for some... they have to turn away or shield their eyes. But I walk toward it. Mesmerized by the sacrifice it highlights. Enveloped by the warmth of the glow. Captivated by the love emitting forth. 
Closer and closer I get to the Man, to the Light. 
Heavier and heavier I get as I recognize how much blood must be shed to cover the weight of all my sin. 
Lower and lower I go until I’m crawling on the ground. Reaching, grasping, crying out for Him.
I reach Him. I touch Him. 
His blood drips down upon my head and I am washed clean. Completely clean.
I stay on the ground. No longer out of shame or sorrow, but out of complete and utter reverence and humility. 
He chose this. For me. For you. He chose death so that I may have life.
I finally reach the light without toil, without strife. He has made it so. 
It is finished. Praise Him.

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