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Five Minute Friday: Afraid

By Doulalovelou
Picture "Maybe I'll skip this week."
That was my first thought after reading this week's prompt. It's official, I'm a total chicken.
But the truth is, I have no desire to write about what fills me with apprehension today. Mostly because I feel like I talk about my fears a lot. I'm scared of a lot & I don't really like that part of myself.
And even though I do have a desire to be vulnerable & to share life with others, today just isn't the day for that. Tomorrow probably won't be either.
Today is my only day off & I'm wanting it to be a day of rest. No work (well, I got a one-hour phone consult in this morning, but now I'm done), no thinking (except for the writing of this blog), no caring (except that my grandma is in the ER & I'm a little worried about her)...
Clearly, truly "checking out" is pretty impossible for me.
Meh, as long as I take the day off from being afraid, I think it will be restful enough.
Here's hoping.

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