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Five Easy Ways To Shed Some Weight

By Lyndsay S @lyndsinreallife

Is there anything worse than unintentionally gaining weight and being unable to shed it again? Nope! And you’re not alone in feeling that, either. Plenty of us want a quick fix for weight issues; we imagine ourselves the slim, healthy individuals we want to be. The thing is, weight loss isn’t an instant thing. If you find a solution that makes you drop the weight too quickly, you will not learn anything about what to eat and how much you need to eat. This is where the cycle continues of eating your weight back on again and not knowing much about what you are consuming.

It’s possible to lose weight quickly initially, whether that’s with the HCG Diet Info here that you can read about or another dieting method. The initial losses are down to water weight, but shifting the fat when your body fat content is high? Well, that takes a little more time. Weight loss comes down to two very simple things: a calorie deficit, and movement. Of course, there are a number of diets out there to try, and all of them have a calorie deficit in common. So, if you are looking for an easy fix to get rid of some weight before an event, we’ve got five easy ways for you to shed weight for it. Let’s take a look!

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  1. Intermittent Fasting

As we said, the biggest key to losing weight is in reducing calories. However, most people don’t want to calorie count – they find it time consuming. With intermittent fasting, you don’t calorie count, you instead reduce the time you eat. Some people choose an 8 hour window in their day and only eat food within those times. 12pm – 8pm is very popular, and instead of three meals and snacks, people eat lunch, dinner and a snack. This instantly reduces their calories and weight loss follows as a result.

2. Lift, Lift, Lift

Exercise is the next tip we mentioned, but it’s not all running yourself ragged with cardio. Instead, learn to lift weights. You don’t even need to use dumbbells when you first get started; use your own body weight with a TRX system at home and a carefully laid out plan for exercise. You break down the muscles with lifting and then they repair themselves far stronger. Your body needs energy to do this, so it uses the fat supply to keep the muscles repairing themselves well. Strength training offers you higher lean muscle mass, making you look leaner, too.

3. Get Moving

You don’t have tocarve out time to go to the gym, but you need to get your movement up. Get a shiny Fitbit and track your steps, aiming for 10k a day. You don’t even have to go anywhere, walking around the house can do the job! 

4. Hydrate

Often, not drinking enough water can hinder your weight loss. Dropping your water retention is a big key to dropping a few pounds, so try eating fewer salty foods and consuming more magnesium.

5. Up Your Protein

Upping your protein to feel more satiated through the day is important, but it doesn’t mean it has to be all you eat. If you make sure that you have a balanced diet with good levels of protein, you’re going to be successful!

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Five Easy Ways To Shed Some Weight

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