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Five Creative Uses of My Baby Bump

By A Happy Mum @A_Happy_Mum
It isn't always easy carrying a basketball around. Especially one that is alive, kicking and constantly growing.
Yes, I am referring to my huge baby bump at 33 weeks pregnant.
Five creative uses of my baby bumpNonetheless, I do see having a baby as a miracle and thus to look on the positive side of things, other than using it as a way to get a seat on the public bus or MRT, I discovered some good, alternative uses of my bump.
1) A book stand 
I like to read to Angel every night before she sleeps and recently, thanks to the big tummy, it becomes easier to prop up the book upright and saves the wrists some strength. It's also a great magazine stand whenever I wish to read and have some quiet me-time.
Five creative uses of my baby bump
2) A pillow for my girl
It's probably not right to rest any heavy weight on the tummy at this point in time. But well, I adore the feeling of having Angel close to her little sister so much so that sometimes the bump acts as her pillow. When it gets too uncomfortable, she would shift to the side, rest her hand on my tummy and hug it like a bolster instead. Sugary, saccharine sweet.
Five creative uses of my baby bump
3) A road obstacle
You know how toddlers like to run around the house when they throw tantrums? Or that they have this natural tendency to reach for unsafe objects like sharp knives and hot irons? In situations like this, the tummy acts as a road block when I turn sideways and ta-dah, no free pass for my girl. 
4) A hand warmer
They say preggies shouldn't rub their abdomens too much to avoid spoiling their child. I do it whenever I like and it's a most effective way to keep your hands warm when it gets a little chilly. A portable, non-battery operated hand warmer. And oh, it makes a great hand rest too!
Five creative uses of my baby bump
5) A snack holder
Last but not least, the bump also doubles up as a popcorn, chips or ice cream bowl holder when you are watching a movie or lazing on the couch. Makes it so convenient to gobble up those snacks. Ok, don't ask me how much I eat when I am pregnant, I've already lost track long ago.
Five creative uses of my baby bump
See? So it's not that bad having a ginormous tummy everywhere you go.
Sometimes, we just need to learn to look on the bright side of life.
Well, next up, I might consider using the bump as a canvas for some belly painting soon.

Five creative uses of my baby bump

Image credit: Lucid Arts

Do you have any other creative uses for your baby bump when you were pregnant? Let's share!
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