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Five Common but Essential Courses to Learn English Language

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English language school is one of the options learners are choosing when it comes to learn English language. Some may not prefer going to schools for their convenient reasons, but if they only have to weigh everything down, they’ll find out that there are distinctive advantages that language schools offer to them.

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Just like these five common, but extremely essential courses fit for the English language learning; as you dig in to the details, you will see how beneficial language school learning really is.

General English Courses

Budget may be a highlight to your concerns when in comes to language learning, but when you decide to prefer an English language school for a quality language learning, you won’t end up regretting. You see, General English courses in language schools range to all levels—whether you are an elementary learner or advanced, English language school has all to offer to you.

Business English Courses

Are you familiar with BULATS (Business Language Testing Service) exam? It’s actually “an online test involving reading, use of English, and listening, and is a very useful certificate for students who wish to extend their visa and need to show proof of having taken an exam,” according to British Study Centers.

So if you are a person who values the trend in the business world, you might want to exert more effort in developing your English skills in the business context. With this regard, our English language school will also offer this kind of course to fit such need.

Career Services

Have you heard of this offered by language schools? Well, there are some language schools who offer such program like these. Career services are specialized programs for those who wanted to have a further develop on their career. These programs are in a form of internships and free job seeking guidance.

In internships, (which all of us are familiar with it), provides opportunities to students to have a job experience relative to their career. Job club, on the other hand advices students to go to various places and perhaps volunteer. They will avail jobs while learning English in a language school.

Exam preparation courses

If you are English learning enthusiast, you are surely very familiar with exam preparation courses. IELTS (International English Language Testing System), TOEIC & TOEFL, and Cambridge Exams are three of the most highlight examinations that English teachers-to be are looking forward to pass.

So if you are interested to boost your English skills in a professional level, take one of these courses and aim a high score in your exam!

One-to-one Private Lessons

Are you looking for private tailor-made courses? English language schools have programs like these to fit a learner’s need and avail an individual lesson that you need. This gives them opportunities to work on areas, which are of particular interest or concern.

That’s a whole lot of courses, isn’t it? All these five courses have a course book for students to review, its first day placement test, and study folder. Students can even use the study center if they wanted to. They will even be updated with their learning progress by seeing their progress reports. And of course, since this is a school, students can avail the free Wi-fi internet access in the school and make it an advantage to the learning.

See how beneficial English language courses are in language schools? Don’t tarry. Make an inquiry!

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