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Fitness Friday: Week 3

By Monicasmommusings @mom2natkatcj

I hope no one is hitting the wall yet with your fitness. We’re 3 weeks into the new year and hopefully maintaining our goals.

It hasn’t been easy around here this week, but I am proud to say I mostly avoided temptation. My husband (whom I love dearly) bought me a bag of my very favorite Easter candy. Cadbury Mini Eggs, mmmm I love them. I can usually get through a bag in 2 days by myself. He bought them for me last Friday and I have only eaten one serving out of the bag. That is huge. I carefully counted out my 12 mini eggs Saturday night, ate them, and haven’t touched the bag since. Now that I’m writing about them I want more though. Drinking water in hopes that I can hold off.

I just want to add that my husband does know that I’m trying to eat healthier. However, when he sees mini eggs he thinks of me. So I won’t hold it against him. He meant well.

As far as a workout goes I broke out the Wii and began to dance this week. It was exactly what I needed too. So I have been trying to work that into my daily routine. That is what I would like to do for this week is make the use of all of these dance games we have a daily thing.

All in all I would say I have had a good week. Now how about you? What have you been doing this week and how are you working towards your goals? Got any successes to share? Need more encouragement? Let me know in a blog post and link it at the bottom or leave me a comment. Grab my button if you would like too.

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