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Fitness Friday: Week 24

By Monicasmommusings @mom2natkatcj

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It’s Friday! Time to check in with how you’ve done this week. So me? I was focusing on my arms the last few weeks. It’s getting easier, so probably time to increase the reps. Although, that plank exercise is brutal. Really felt that in my shoulders, but also my abs which is great.

I think it’s time to change things up a bit now though. My legs aren’t a huge concern, but I can tell I’m starting to lose some strength there and getting a little soft. Last weekend we cleaned out the kids rooms. And did you know that taking your clothes off makes them heavier? I mean that must be the case otherwise, why wouldn’t they make it into the hamper? They just land wherever never to be picked up again. So I had a lot of loads of laundry to do this weekend which made for a lot of trips up and down the stairs. Not fun when you live on the 3rd floor. By the end of the weekend my legs were feeling it big time. So I think it’s time we work on some leg exercises.

So to start with I have some leg squats. In this exercise you simply squat into a seated position until your thighs are parallel with the floor and left yourself back up. Keep your back straight and your knees slightly bent. Lean back a little onto your heels. I’m doing 3 reps of 20 to start out with this.

Next, some wall sits. This is like the squats, only using the wall as support. So lean your upper body on the wall and get down into your squat position and hold it. To start out with on this 3 reps of 30. Holding the squat for 30 seconds to start with.

Lunges. It wouldn’t be a leg workout without some lunges, right? So lunging forward on your leg making sure your knee does not surpass your toe and then lunge forward with your other leg. 3 reps of 30 here seems reasonable to start out with.

And well of course we want to make sure we target the lower leg too so how about some calf raises. Standing on the edge of a step with one foot roll up onto the ball of your foot lifting your heel on the stair as high as you can go and then lower it below the toe. Do this 30 times to start and then switch legs and do the same thing.

So that’s what I’m working on this week. I think I’m just adding it to my arm workout. I might cut back on a few of the arm exercises just so this doesn’t take up a huge portion of my day. Or maybe I’ll switch it up a bit and one day do arms one do legs. Just to give the muscles a rest in between. It will probably depend on how fatigued I’m feeling.

What have you been up to this week? What are you looking to add to this week to help you get fit? What are your favorite leg exercises? Let me know. Feel free to grab my button and link up at the bottom of this page to share your fitness routine and goals.

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