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Fishing Fun On The River Mur!

By Linda
Fishing Fun On The River Mur!

photo : Jason Rogers

The fast flowing, cool clear waters of the river Mur in Steiermark, hold a treasure trove of trout. But these vividly coloured creatures are an endangered species and must remain in the Mur when you have your fishing fun!

Carefully Coloured

The colouration of trout reflect the diversity of habitats in which they live. Trout found in the lakes and rivers of Steiermark tend to be vividly coloured and have pronounced markings, which helps conceal them in this alpine habitat where the rich rustic landscape is a veritable paint palette of color.

Another view of course, is that the vivid colourings are indicative of  preparedness to mate. But this is a family site, so we won’t go into that now!

Riffles, Runs and Pools

If you aren’t a fly fisherman, but want to spot these tasty treats (117kcals/portion; protein: 16.41g!) riffles, runs and pools are where you need to look.

A riffle is where the river water is at its shallowest and the currents are fast flowing. Trout spawn just before and after riffles, making them excellent spots at which to view these whopping great wonders of nature (some can grow quite big, I believe!).

Runs are riffles with more water.The bottoms of runs are characterised by small pebbles or rubble – not good for paddling in, but are hot spots for holding trout!

The deepest, darkest secrets of the river are perched in the pools. The water is slow moving and the bottoms are of fine silt or sand. It’s here you’ll find the big boys of the trout fish family hanging out.

Trout Tickling

Just don’t!

Lovers of literature familiar with the work of Mark Twain (The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, 1876; Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, 1885), may feel tempted to give trout tickling a go – please, resist the urge.

Go get your tickling fun elsewhere!

Trout tickling was widespread during the 1930′s depression era, when poachers would rub the underbelly of the fish  sending it into a trance-like state so that it could be manhandled onto land – no sticks, nets or other accoutrements required. The practice is outlawed in many regions and the Mur is no different!

Just a thought - keep your fishing fun on the river Mur to looking not touching (!) and you wont fall foul of the law!


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