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Fishermen Battling for Brexit | Environment | The Guardian

By Garry Rogers @Garry_Rogers

GR:  As the human population grows and fish populations shrink, it is critical that we drastically cut our fishing activities.  These people are only concerned with immediate self-interest.  They ignorantly continue the human devastation of the Earth and scream for more.  Do they realize that their continued over-harvest will end their industry?

Fishermen battling for Brexit | Environment | The Guardian
The EU referendum has united an often fractious industry, with skippers in ports from northern Scotland to Cornwall desperate to dump imposed quotasby Severin Carrell in Fraserburgh, Steven Morris in Newlyn and Henry McDonald in Lough Neagh. Main picture: Murdo MacLeodWilliam Whyte has a new flag flying from the rigging of his vast blue-hulled trawler, its fabric snapping in the brisk breeze coming in off the North Sea. It features the cartoon of a militant-looking fish wearing armour, a union jack shield at its waist and the legend “Fishing for Leave”.

Source: Salt in their veins and fire in their bellies: fishermen battling for Brexit | Environment | The Guardian

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