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First Thought/Second Guess?

By Latoya @latoyallawrence

1270904_interior_designHow many times have we dismissed our first thought just to find out that we were right all along?

Sometimes we as a people are incorrect at a thought or idea that we may gather from an encounter with someone or with a situation that we were made aware of only to find out that we were wrong.

That mistake happens. It is understandable. None of us are perfect yet we should not always be so assuming and quick to judge anyone.

In general though, my mother told me to always trust in my first thought. And she was right.

I cannot count how many first impressions that I had of people and situations that I had later found out to be accurate.

Since I’ve experienced this circumstance quite often I am unjustly sometimes considered as being judgmental toward others.

It does not take me a long time to read and to pick up on people. Some times I am able to discern the traits of a person’s character within an instant of coming into physical or mental contact.

Whether I see the individual in person or speak to them over the telephone I can read them like a book.

I have always been a good judge of character anyhow.

Second guessing our first impressions can sometimes get us into trouble if we are not carefully paying attention. We learn from the times when we do not heed to the inborn instincts of our nature. We also learn to trust within ourselves more confidently.

It is great to know that we have innate built in modes of warnings and protections that continue to lead and to guide throughout the journeys of our life.

We have our five and even sometimes sixth senses that help us to survive to yet another tremendous extent. And we would barely be able to live without any of them all put together.

One things is for sure and one thing to be taken as a word of wisdom is to not so often or at all second guess what momentously first comes into mind.

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