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First Love

By Coreyamaro

Corey amaro pressed flowers, stories  rich memory staying true

Pressed between the pages of an old book

a name

a flower and

words that become a story.

A story rich with memory, 

a flower with veins that bleed 

with a single prick.

Corey amaro a love story worn true

Pressed within my heart

you are

and I will never be the same.

How could I be?

Your story intertwines with mine those roots run free 

yet hold me close.

corey amaro wild clover by the coast on a late summer day

First love,

Will we bloom again in the same garden, velvet petals releasing a long held perfume?

In Memory of John Biale.

Corey Amaro photography


Who was your first love?


First Love
First Love
First Love
First Love
First Love
First Love

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