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First Impressions: Magi (Season 2)

Posted on the 11 October 2013 by Kaminomi @OrganizationASG
Badass Judal (Magi S2)

You ain’t faboulous if you don’t like Magi, mmm’okay gurl?

Out of all the various and flamboyant anime announced this season (note my hilarious joke), my unique self was looking the most forward to the continuation of the animated adventures of Aladdin, Alibaba, and that one chick with the fiery red hair.

For those who have seen the first season of Magi, this new one picks up right where it left us – if you manage to close your eyes to the humongous and confusing manga spoiler shown right before the opening- with the country of Sindria celebrating the successful return of Aladdin and friends.

Instead of directly moving to the next big arc which is mainly featured in the OP and the ED, the first episode is more or less focused on each important character and their thoughts after winning against the Big Bad. While some have predictable thoughts or plans, others show to the audience unforeseen sides to them that, I believe, render Magi more interesting than what most think.

And with the overload of emotions coming up soon, this anime is going to get a whole lot better.

Magi S2


Animation-wise, everything seems more pleasant to watch (or that might be my love for the anime talking…probably is) and they’ve even included the funny deformed versions of characters which were rarely seen in the last season. Apart from the latter detail, nothing much has changed honestly…So don’t get your hopes up completely.

Regarding other things, an element I’ve always overlooked in anime is the music. Generally, the music would enter one ear and exit the other while I’m busy concentrating on the dialogues taking place, however in Magi, my brain actually manages to capture the songs in the background and remember them! Maybe because the soundtrack titles are in French reminds me of my Solfège classes? Or is it because of the epic Arabian-inspired songs one can hear? Perhaps it is all of the above (excluding the fact the tracks have French titles).

Booty Shake (Magi S2)

Take my word for it, Magi is back with promises and with one of the most interesting arcs I have ever read. The road might get a little bumpy along the way, but it’ll be all worth while.

As for those who are reading this and still haven’t seen the first season, GET TO IT. Before I sick my beautiful Judal, of all people, on you.

Virtually, of course. One can only dream.

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