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First Impressions: Hyperdimension Neptunia The Animation

Posted on the 17 July 2013 by Kaminomi @OrganizationASG

Choujigen Game Neptune: The Animation

Hey, it’s the Dogoo scene in animated glory!

Obviously if you haven’t played the games there isn’t much a point in watching the anime since it’s geared to people who have played at least Neptunia Victory and know the characters and setting by heart. The first episode pretty much assumes you know everyone already and there aren’t any major plot hooks. It seems to loosely follow Victory’s plot with the cameo of Rei handing out her anti-goddess flyers and Histoire complaining about how Neptune doesn’t do any work. It also uses the character dynamics from Victory so Nepgear is the resident punching bag who gets attacked by Dogoos and had her pictures posted online, Noire has no friends, and Iffy secretly has chuunibyou.

Choujigen Game Neptune: The Animation

The episode starts with the four nations of Gameindustri signing a peace treaty so they are no longer allowed to invade each other for market shares and have to do it by improving their own nation. There are plenty of bouncing boobs that aren’t physically possible according to my anatomy lessons in art class, but that’s okay because they are goddesses and therefore transcend human physical limitations. Since the world is at peace now, Neptune sits at home playing games all day and Planeptune shares have been dropping. Histoire is mad so Neptune goes to slack off at Noire’s house, but Noire just yells at her to do work and ends up making her do a quest where she has to defeat Dogoos.

Dogoos are these low level slime enemies that should pose no threat, but there’s a shitload of them and you end up with the Dogoo scene where everyone is mobbed by Dogoos. Since Neptune isn’t putting any effort into fighting, Iffy saves the day despite not being playable in Victory save for the DLC version of her child form.

Choujigen Game Neptune: The Animation

Iffy is the best girl, the anime better give her more screen time. There’s also this fight with a dragon at the end that ended in like 2 hits. I don’t think I should expect anything out of the fight scenes. There’s also some hooded ~obviously evil~ figures appearing at the end but anyone who has played the games should be able to tell who they are. No alternate dimensions yet, so who knows if they’re really following the third game’s plot. The whole episode was pretty much just some fanservice for people who have played the games and want to see their favorite girl animated, so anyone else need not apply.

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