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First Impressions: Dog and Scissors

Posted on the 04 July 2013 by Kaminomi @OrganizationASG

Dogs and Scissors Episode 1 1

This isn’t a story about books. Instead it’s a story where being dumb is the best thing Dog and Scissors has going for it.

You see, we’re led two minutes into the anime with our two protagonists, Harumi Kazahito, a dead human who’s magically turned into a dog after getting his head blown off (well, considering the weapon used, his head should have been blown off), and Natsuno Kirihime, a.k.a, Akiyama Shinobu, the author that Harumi has fallen head over heels for, already together and apparently she wants him dead. It involves cutting him up with scissors.

Dogs and Scissors Episode 1

Cue to the classic information dump after the OP, where our eyeless human protagonist informs everyone about how he wanted to not move with his family and stay where he is because of certain books being delayed in the country (what); where he ends up getting involved in a robbery; where he ends up defending Natsuno from getting shot by the robber while she was too busy attempting to pen her next story. He then winds up dead, his head blown off (ok, his head did not get blown off, I’m probably being too generous with this situation despite the fact that robber had what looked to be a shotgun), and then he finds himself saying goodbye to every single friend and family he had (most of them of the female persuasion) when he realizes that there’s one more volume of Akiyama Shinobu’s novel that he doesn’t own, and that’s when he decides he wants to live, but in a sterling twist, his mind now resides in the body of a dog.

Don’t worry, that’s about all the rambling of this anime that you’ll ever need.

Dogs and Scissors Episode 1 2

So…where does one chuckle again?

Dog and Scissors doesn’t progress from this point. Ok, I did chuckle at the 3D joke after Natsuno asked what Harumi thought of her in her bra and underwear. That’s all I can give it. There was no humor, there was dumb (the scene where Natsuno arrives at the pet shop was so cliche and poor) on top of dumb (“Oh, I can read your mind for some reason” yeahh), and the animation, which looked poor in the trailer, looked even worse than I thought, and that doesn’t include the faulty cage scene where I can sure tell the budget did not go to that. There was no music to come close to complementing any of the scenes, and then you have your typical character personalities (usual bland male lead, perfect girl who can do everything) that don’t exactly complement each other in this first episode. But honestly, it set itself up for failure with its intro. I’d like to think there will be better anime than this that will air this Summer Season.

Well, at least it’s in contention for most creative ED of the year:

This series is streaming on Crunchyroll

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