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First Impressions: Chronicles of The Going Home Club

Posted on the 04 July 2013 by Kaminomi @OrganizationASG
Chronicles of The Going Home Club

Making me think of Chihayafuru only makes things worse

So let me tell you a story about my high school years and how I always used to go home. I’m almost certain it’ll be much better than Chronicles of The Going Home Club.

You see, from my freshman to sophomore year, there wasn’t a lot of things to do at my school and I was a pretty anti-social nut. It did help that I had a friend at school but he was always in a different class and for the most part we only met up once school ended. So I was always going home and doing my own thing. This started to change my Junior year and Senior year. A few students ended up starting their own clubs. First it was the Film Club, where we watched movies (old or recent. That’s how I know of Casablanca, though I don’t remember a bunch of scenes from it.). Then came the Video Game Club, where my biggest memory was of me losing horribly to my Math teacher in a game of Madden. Other standouts included the times where I owned everyone in Melee. (or I was owned in Melee).

Chronicles of The Going Home Club

Now, I bet you’re saying, what’s the point of this spiel? The point is time is not on your side, and the chances to have fun will be few and far between when you get older. High school life will go by, and so will the college life, and at some point, you’ll find a way to regret it when you’re an old adult and you realize you might have had more fun doing stuff in school if only you chose not to go home all the time. There’s no club in your school so that means it’s time to go home? Well go start a club. That’s basically what I ended up doing in college, and while there were many regrettable moments, there were also memorable moments that I won’t forget. Go and be active.

Chronicles of the Going Home Club

I believe this is the point of Chronicles of The Going Home Club, and I sincerely hope that this turns out to be the case. I say sincerely because unless there’s a major shake up in comedy in Episode 2, I would be better served re-watching Yuyushiki instead of dealing with 5 insufferable high school girls that provide no jokes. From Natsuki Andou and her attempts at being shocked at everything to that Botan chick who has the hairstyle and demeanor of every other anime character in the history of anime that apparently they must like fighting or have something to do with the sword, I wanted to tap out 8 minutes into this anime. And after concluding what I just watched, I can only conclude:

  • It’s just gonna be cute girls trying to do fun things.

  • It’s just gonna be cute girls trying to do cute things.

  • It’s apparently going to involve a seal???

  • What’s the point of the seal???

I’m going to go out on a limb and say you can go watch Yuyushiki instead of trying to watch this anime. Unless you want to go start your own club.

This series is streaming on Crunchyroll.

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