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First Date Tips: The Art Of Great Conversation

By Mike Dernerk

This situation happens to every one of us; you talk to someone during your date, and the conversation starts to become dull, because you just can’t find the words to say, or ran out of topics to talk about. You don’t know where to take it and you don’t know how to prolong it. The biggest problem here is not the awkward feeling of running out of words, but the fact that you are losing the opportunity to get to know the person better.

It is normal to have dull moments in your conversation if it is the first date. But to make it easier for you, you might want to know that starting a good conversation requires the ability to read body language, and the ability to make the person comfortable and interested with your stories.

How To Do It? Please Read On…

PREPARE YOURSELF: Before you think of ways on how to build a good conversation with your date, then you have to start preparing yourself. For instance, you need to do something about yourself if you are nervous when having a conversation with a girl. Lack of self-confidence is a big NO during a first date. Women can easily sense anxiety, and this is a major turn off.

PRETEND TO BE FAMILIAR: Why? Well, when you talk to someone new and pretend that she is familiar to you, the conversation keeps on going smoothly. Talking to someone familiar to us makes us feel more comfortable in talking, and discuss any topic we want. We do not feel any pressure when talking, we come off calm, and the anxiety is lesser than normal. We talk comfortably and talk with confidence too. If your date senses this kind of attitude, the effect will be the same with regards to her conversation with you.

“A good approach is to talk to your date as if you met her years ago. Make the conversation fun and light, and try to avoid off topics and cranking up a bad joke.”

ASK THE RIGHT WAY: Begin your approach with this, “Hey, how are you?”. After that, you have to think of the right question to follow that. They say that asking questions is a great way to start a conversation. However, you have to avoid questions that are answerable by a YES or NO. In addition, you also have to remember that during the first date, your main goal does not rely solely on impressing her. What you have to focus on majorly is to make her feel comfortable first.

PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT: I know that many people are having issues on this “how to make a good conversation” thing during the first date. What you can do, is to practice with a close friend. Check on the ways on how to start your conversation with your date, and let your friend correct you and let you know if signs of anxiety are showing. Remember, how you talk to her, how you do your eye contact, how you prolong your conversation with her, are the most important things to consider.

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