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First an Abuse, Then an Apology

By Alka Narula @narulaalka
None of us may have seen such filth being spewed  on the streets of our country in the past history since independence , that was seen gush out in AAP campaign recently   . Politics , I always term it as a dirty game and I doubt one can remain dirt free once one has taken a plunge into it. And Arvind Kejriwal is best illustration one can see , a man who hijacked Anna's revolution to fulfill his desire to get into  politics . I wonder where he would be had he not been a member of Anna's core group ? I totally agree with him when he says  " One needs to get into the system to clean the system "  but it was not required ,certainly not at the cost of killing a revolution that could have taken the Indian politics to a different platform but for him his aspirations were more imp than any thing else .He made  politics  an abuse  that people will remember for many years to come. A  smart head  that he is , being an IAS  officer gave him an edge over Anna , a simple soul who thought he could clean the system by his simplicity and he would have actually succeeded  had he kept away from vultures like Kejriwal and party .Anna's movement died down but Kejriwal rose to heights with a kick start he got from Anna's revolution and hit a  different realm. His over confidence has made him arrogant who seems to have forgot ton that our residue belongs to the earth so one should remain grounded in all circumstances  . He feels he is the most sought after politician in the country which  probably will be proven after people of Delhi have given their mandate .
First an abuse, then an apology
When I look at or think of a broom I relate it with dirt  and that he is .and was proven by his party recently at one of their campaign meet carried out by Shazia Ilmi former journalist and at present member and nominee from AAP and Rajiv of Roadies. Rajiv known for his abusive language spewed all the abuse that he had  piled up in his chest in the campaign and Shazia was seen uploading the remarks  as loudly as Rajiv abused. Though later both of them came out and made a public apology on National Television but by that time shazia had dented not only her own image but also AAP 's image to a great extent And surprisingly rather than regretting the remarks Arvind Kejriwal took it so casually I wonder can we allow people with that kind of mind set  rule our country .Please click the link to watch video
Though I am not a supporter of AAP but I admire all the upcoming politicians who are of different league and that's how I looked at Shazia.But she lost all the dignity and respect in my eyes and for that matter in the eyes of several people like me. Why do this young brigade of politicians forget that Indian youth is too smart to get carried away by the traditional ways of politics that thy are trying to resort to .. For me its ts disgusting to  watch Modi being compared with Sardar Vallabhbhaibhai Patel and AAP 's filth full of campaign . I wonder if they really know how dignified were the politicians and revolutionaries who designed the architect of this country. I am sure they must be happy to remain the past of this country after watching the upcoming generation of politicians who can only be described as a mere DISGUST.
Disclaimer I do not vouch for authenticity of the videoThis post is not meant or hurt any ones sentiments

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