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Fireproofing Your Marriage

By Barbarajpeters @CouplesAuthor

Every marriage has moments when nasty sparks fly, and we all hope when that happens, those sparks don’t land in somebody else’s lap and start a fire;  if you’re not catching the metaphor,  I mean sparking  an extramarital affair.

Fireproofing Your MarriageThere are ways to fireproof your marriage, keeping your marriage hot. It takes work, you know nothing comes easy, but following a few simple “rules” can keep your marriage well-stoked and blazing.

  • Make yourself Number One. Yep, you read it right. Unless you have a good, strong feeling about yourself and your place in your relationship, neediness and jealousy can rear their ugly heads.  You are responsible for your own happiness – make sure you find it.
  • Create an imaginary bubble around your relationship – one that surrounds only the two of you. Your bubble will be made of an “invisible protective shield” to protect your feelings for each other.
  • When discussing important matters, tell each other what you need and want in ways that can be paraphrased back to ensure genuine understanding.
  • Remember we are all human and make mistakes. Be prepared to forgive without questioning.
  • We all love to hear good things! Praise and compliment each other daily.
  • Focus on what drew you to your partner when you first met and accentuate the positive.  As life happens, don’t let negativity erase what is good and solid in your relationship.
  • Say “I love you” as many times as you can – and really mean it!
  • Don’t forget to say you’re sorry when you are.  And, this doesn’t always mean admitting you are wrong. You can just be sorry about the situation you and your partner are facing.
  • Invite spirituality into your life, make it your own.
  • Appreciate each day and be thankful you have each other to share life’s moments.

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