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Fireplace Makeover (Again)

By Heather @home_modern

Fireplace Makeover (Again)

One of my very first posts ever was of our fireplace make-under after we removed a wood burning stove and lots of ugly forest green faux marble tiles.

Fireplace Makeover (Again)

Fireplace Makeover (Again)

The tile underneath was put in probably in the 70s, and while we liked it, the pattern made it hard to add any other patterned elements to our living room. Plus I always felt like it looked good only from afar…not so much up close. It reminds me of a linoleum floor we had in our family cabin!

Fireplace Makeover (Again)

So… I textured over the tile (gasp!) and then painted over that. I also painted the inside of the fireplace black. The black highlights a few chips in the tile around the edge, but I’m in the process of repairing those and will add another coat of paint that’s a slightly creamier white.

Fireplace Makeover (Again)

We also swapped the faux gold logs for a few birch logs, which I think looks more sophisticated. It’s a completely different vibe that scales back the fireplace, but we really like how crisp it looks.

What do you think?


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By bjm
posted on 09 January at 01:35
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Hello, could you please tell me what you used to texture over the tile?? I'm trying to do the same thing and you are the only person I have found who has done this!

Thank you so much!

By karriecakes
posted on 02 December at 11:19
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hi there! beautiful job! i am re-doing my fireplace as well and noticed your rug. is that the west elm one? i found one very similar on overstock and worldmarket that i love but not sure i should bite the bullet on the price. just wondering if you found one cheaper or if its the west elm one (ps-i LOVE the west elm one lol) also your table.... sheesh basically this room is exactly what im going for. would you mind providing a source for it? (the acrylic coffee table i mean) i found one on walmart actually, just want to compare prices, thank you!!!! and again beautiful room!

By Gone Fishing
posted on 06 December at 22:34

Hi there, it looks fantastic. I am curious to know, what have you used to texture this fireplace? Cheers Stephanie