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Fiords, Night Flights Through the Forest and Green Lights

By Twothirstytravellers @2thirstytrav

We kick-started the year with an extended weekend to Tromsø, which is among the fiords towards the top of Norway. The top priority of the trip was to see the famous but somewhat illusive Northern Lights. On our first night we stayed in a Sami tent and a clear sky allowed us to catch the greeny haze dotted with a thousand stars. On the second night we did an organised tour which involved piling into a mini-van and getting away from the city street lights, so there was enough darkness to see the Northern Lights shine bright. There were definitely washes of green, perhaps milkier than the previous night. We didn’t see any of the ‘dancing light’ performances, but knew we were lucky to spot them at all, as you always hear of those who travel from a far to look for the special green light, but without success.

Tromsø is a lovely little city, which feels more like a town, propped on an island with bridges and tunnels connecting to the surrounding mainland across the Norwegian Sea. A trip up the cable car was well worthwhile as it gave us views of the town and the fiords, where we marvelled at the sun sinking at 2pm (while trying to brave the whipping wind).

We had some tasty but pricey food, and the local beer, although excellent, did leave your pocket empty quite quickly, averaging around £8 for a pint. The local Mack brewery, complete with stuffed polar bear and cellar seating was a perfect escape from the elements.

However the highlight by far was the night dog-sledding. It was exhilarating and terrifying all at the same time. Our team of seven dogs, which as it turned out were racing dogs, took us on a crazy ride through a winding forest, down valleys and across frozen rivers. The only control we had was one of us standing up digging in the brake to slow the dogs down, the other one sitting and hanging on for dear life. Ducking from branches and dodging crevasses was all part of the game. It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had, and would do it again in a heartbeat.

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