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Finishing New Blue Painting

By Abstractartbylt @artbylt

Looking at the painting I started yesterday, I felt that the blue was too monochrome and needed more interest.  I began by adding a touch of cobalt green toward the bottom center of the image.  Next, I added more white to lighten up the lower third of the painting.  I used a small brush, since this canvas is only 20" x 16".

Then I carefully added some Indian yellow at the edge of the top blue shapes, blending it into the rest of the white background, so that it created the sense of light or sun fading into the sky.

Next, I mixed blue, white and gray to make a pale blue-gray, and used that to flatten and define sections of the main image. 

Finally, I drew lines--first very sketchy white lines for texture and highlights.  Then I drew lines in Prussian blue to define shapes and move the eye across the canvas.

  Painting #167, 20" x 16" acrylic on canvas.


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