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"Fine. Then Neither One of Us Gets Her."

Posted on the 21 February 2012 by Jayneymoo @jayneymoo

Vampire Diaries lovers, I have to apologise for this late recap, but I was in denial. 4 whole weeks until the next episode? I think I might cry. So hopefully by releasing this recap so late, you will feel like me - at least it's only 3 weeks and 3 days until the next episode now. Gah, I'm still depressed. Anyway, let's see what befell our favorite TVD characters in 'All My Children'.

It's a typical day in the Gilbert house when Elena wakes up looking saddened and regretful. Flip to an equally broody Stefan, who ignores the call she places to him. "But let's not forget Damon," Elena thinks, though apparently she's been calling him all night. Damon answers while he's draped next to a seriously gorgeous Rebekah, claiming that he's over the whole thing. Damon? Over it? Doubtful.

Rebekah takes the walk of shame with Damon, telling him not to make a big deal of what happened. The two chance upon Elena standing outside the front door (I must admit, I laughed a lot). Elena lashes out at Damon and then Stefan, after she tells them she's worried about Elijah's survival and they retaliate and tell her not to screw the plan up (fair's fair, have we forgotten what the Originals have done to her, her family, everyone she loves?).

Rebekah slinks back into the Original's house, only to be stalled and mocked by a flippant Kol who's noticed her dishevelled appearance. Kol begs Klaus to hit the town and have some 'fun', while Elijah tells Rebekah he's suspicious about Esther's intention. While Rebekah pushes away his worries without a care, Bonnie tries to reinvent the nobody-can-hear-us spell at Elena's. Elena can't stop ranting about Damon's attitude to sleeping with Rebekah and how it affected her, but then Bonnie lets loose the fact that she and Abby went to the old witch's house and met up with Esther and Finn. (I like that the mother of all witches needs two lowly Bennett witches to do her spell. Makes me chuckle).

As we find out, everything is going down tonight under the glow of a full moon - and Elena's conscience isn't boding well with the thought of Elijah's demise. Damon mulls over Elena's jealousy to Stefan, to which Stefan reminds him that it wasn't him sleeping with someone, it was who he chose to sleep with. The two come to an agreement that "neither one of them" gets Elena, as she is better off without either of them. When Damon leaves the room we can't help but notice Stefan eyeing the cup of blood - a little warily.

Elijah shows up on Elena's doorstep to take her on a little special Elijah tour of the woods of Mystic Falls. He demands the truth from Elena, who caves and wonders what she can do to help. Big mistake. Elijah smashes in the ground and drops her into the tunnel below and leaves her there. No phone reception either. Uh oh.
Damon calls Ric and asks him to hog-tie Elena to a chair during the ritual, but Ric's with his "sexy psycho doctor". Apparently he's trying to find out about his attack through Meredith, but the two are interrupted by Klaus and Kol sauntering up to the bar. Esther and Finn meet up with Bonnie and Abby to hold hands and make magic, while Elena tries to escape through the tunnels but is stopped by a very angry, very gloaty Rebekah. Yipes.
While Elena is panicking, Elijah calls Stefan and Damon and gives them "til 6 minutes after 9" to stop the Bennett witches or he'll get Rebekah to kill Elena. Cut back to Elena, who's desperately pleading for her life, and a crazily cranky Rebekah who says: "So why don't you sit down and shut up before I ruin everything by ripping your head off." I love angry Rebekah.

Stefan is mulling over blood again, but his thinking is interrupted by Damon who suggests a less terrible plan - divide and conquer, stab one of the Originals and they all go down. How to start the plan? With a little blonde distraction. Cue to a stunning Caroline at the Grill, who stops a certain hybrid in his tracks. Klaus: "Isn't she stunning?" Ha, loves all over Klaroline right now. Even Kol can't stop Klaus from running outside after Caroline and asking her to: "Take a chance Caroline, talk to me, get to know me, I dare you." *dead* He's perfect.
Esther walks and talks us through the spell as Finn acts it out. When Bonnie asks him why he's so ready to die, he replies that he's had enough of the killing and yadda yadda. At the Grill, Meredith is a distraction for Kol so Ric can stab him, which ends up dead-ing Rebekah (cue Elena's crazy running to escape) and alerts Esther that something is wrong. The daggering doesn't affect Klaus however, who rescues Kol and has a little fight with Stefan and Damon - only to be stopped by Elijah who explains what mommy dearest is up to.

Elena manages to get into the secret cave thingy that stops vampires from entering, and while Rebekah is contemplating whether torching Elena is the way to go, Meredith doctors Ric's wounds. Damon and Stefan flip a coin over who gets to be hated by Elena the most for screwing up Esther's plan, and Esther tells her newly arrived children that she ain't going to spare their lives so don't bother asking.

Bonnie and Abby high-tail it through the old house, only to run into Stefan and Damon. Damon snaps Abby's neck and turns her into a vampire (oh my WORD!) which puts a stop to Esther's plans. Her and Finn bolt outta there. Rebekah tells Elena the good news that Damon killed Abby and she'd much rather watch her suffer (alive), while Caroline refuses to let Elena see Bonnie. Bonnie does get hurt to save Elena (but even Elena gets hurt to save Elena...) just a whole lot of sad face here.
The brothers talk about the fact that Stefan drew the short straw, yet Damon chose to take the fall. He explains to Stefan that if he had allowed Stefan to kill Abby, it would have pushed him off the edge again, and that he's "better off being the bad guy anyway". Stefan also gets Damon to 'fess up that he's still in love with Elena, but he couldn't win her over fair and square. Aw, love those two building bridges.
Elijah leaves a note for Elena that leaves us all crying, and he tells Rebekah that their mother made them vampires, not monsters - they did that to themselves. Klaus burns all his drawings of Caroline, but in interrupted by a frantic Rebekah who has apparently been doing some investigating - there's another White Oak tree around!

Cut to the last minute of the episode, where Ric takes a moment to admire Meredith snoozing; then he pops some pills and notices the stack of crime scene pictures and notes and a long knife perched on the kitchen counter. Enter Meredith who's pointing a gun at him, says, "You weren't supposed to see that" and then BANG shoots Ric!
So my TVD lovers, what did we think?
  • Were you a little disappointed (like me) in this episode after 'Dangerous Liaisons'?
  • Do we think Ric will survive this?
  • How long will Abby survive as a vampire?
  • Is this the end for Damon and Elena?
  • Is this the beginning again for Stefan and Elena?
  • Will Stefan give up blood for good now?
  • Damon and Rebekah - yay or nay?

See you in 3 and a bit weeks!

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