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Finding Your Niche

By Nicoleao @momfever

With four older siblings I could see my youngest son struggling to find his niche.

My eldest daughter’s niche is easy: her niche is simply Being The Eldest. Then comes my son Jan, who’s a bit different because he’s got a diagnosis of PDD-NOS. So that’s his niche taken care off. After that comes my youngest daughter: she likes to sing a lot, ánd out of tune. So her niche is The Annoying One That Can’t Hold A Tune. Then we have my second son, who’s very laidback. Some people might even call him lazy. So that’s his niche: lazy.

With so many niches already taken, my youngest struggled to find his own special niche. But in the end he found one: he’s the one who rats all the other ones out.

Suffice it so say, he’s not the most popular one.

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