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By Vickymeg1 @vickymeg
FASHIORAMA    with VeeWell! Well! Well! Now tell me who doesn’t care about fashion in one way or the other? We all do whether subconsciously or consciously, right? It doesn’t take Fashion TV for anyone to get ideas on how to dress up on a daily basis. You often find the fashion freaks that wouldn’t be found dead on the streets looking A-okay!
“The color of your belt should if not a must, correspond with the color of your shoes”.  Weird how you find those of who claim not care a piece about fashion yet fuss over a guy on the street wearing a pair of suit pants with a paired of multicolored sneakers on a Monday morning!  Really, now I FUSS over that too! Or you find those who also claim not to be “fashion conscious” but wouldn’t show up anywhere in public in a flared top and a flared skirt as they know that they’d end up looking like a huge bird with no wings. That’s when it hits you that “the probability of you bumping into people you know when having a “bad fashion week” is super high!” – One of the gravity laws Newton totally forgot, don’t you think?And yeah, we all have our fashion moods each week but I go by “dress-to-impress” any day. Why? The answer is simple; Confidence!Ever wonder how your days vary to each other considering the outfits you wear on a daily basis? Never bothered? It’s time to pay attention. Say for instance, you’re trying to catch someone’s attention who works close to your place of work. You feel confident to say hi whenever you bump into each other over lunch at the restaurant around the corner (when you’re feeling perfect in your attire), and terribly dread the thought of meeting this same person when you’re not “perfectly” dressed. Well. Don’t get me wrong. Am not trying to make you squash yourself into a nut shell, but here are some of the tips that would boost your confidence via Fashiorama with Vee any day! 1.   Attires say a lot about you:You know what they say about food and people; you are what you eat? Well, I say, “you are what you wear” too. Clothes say a lot about you including your accessories, your hair, nails and yes, SHOES! Trust you me; the moment you have your confidence boosted, the inner beauty blooms out effortlessly because of the way you feel outside. You’re able to flash genuine smiles at people and step out of your shy side and face each day head-on. 2.   Attires speak to people:Believe it or not, attires could get you hired of fired…well, depending on the job up for grabs. Imagine dressing in a super short but BEAUTIFUL skirt suit with the top showing the rest of your world to a Sales and Marketing job interview. The 10million dollar question would then be; between the company and your bodily assets, which ones would you be out there selling? On the other hand, if you wore this same outfit to a managerial job in a night club or some fly restaurant, I bet you, you’d have a different feedback as compared to the result of the latter. Figure this out and know what to wear the next time you’re heading for a job interview. It would also apply to the men with weird sense of style. It must be something about them being fashion disasters (no offense), with no sense of color and an abnormal love for jeans and woodies. Call me J! 3.   You are not what you wear??Really now? Of course India Arie, the singer, sang that song and got you thinking that you really aren’t what you wear, huh? Come on. Come to think about it; if you dress pretty sloppy and out of touch with yourself, it would give anyone the impression that you don’t care how you look like on the streets, at work or at school all in the name of “you aren’t what you wear and you don’t care what people think”! Well, let’s see if this doesn’t get you fired or gets your lecturer thinking that you must be a part of some terrorist gang and call the FBI on you! Simply put, people don’t take you seriously if you dress in a manner that would make them want t buy what you’re selling…not literally of course. Well, literally speaking, of course you’re NOT what you wear. But figuratively, we all know my theory applies. Just because you are able to walk in town in you flip-flops, a T-shirt, and the tiniest shorts in your wardrobe doesn’t make you a “simple guy/girl” fashion wise. It screams a word I wouldn’t bring myself to write here.  Whatever happened to plain pair of denim jeans, a plain colored T-shirt and plain colored sneakers, if “simplicity” is what you want to portray! Don’t you fuss over grown up men walking the streets in broad day light in their inner vests? Would they handle it if ladies started showing up in public in their push-up bras with their boobs looking like their butts on the chests (depending on the boob sizes)? 4.   Have you signature look:People please! Having your signature look doesn’t need any Lois Vuitton, jimmy Choo, Prada, D&G, and Gucci (the list goes on…), to have you looking like an A-Lister. Be THE trendsetter. Play around with the colors in your wardrobe and come up with a new look everyday. You don’t really have to go all red carpet on yourself to be a trendsetter by copying the celebrities you see on TV. Let them rather be your fashion inspirations but don’t be seen wearing every look-alike outfits of Kim Kardashian or Usher everyday. Spontaneity baby! The secret is to use what you already have in your wardrobe to get heads turning your direction.Take for instance, almost every for ladies out of every five on the streets wear pants/trousers. Why not go skirts or dresses then and just work it? For guys, find out what works for you; half casuals or just fully casuals, old-school, hats, caps, skinny jeans, buggy jeans, etc…  Nothing creeps me out like a guy wearing a brown belt and a pair of white leather shoes. Guys please; the color of your belt should if not a must, correspond with the color of your shoes. Thank you! 5.   Be modest: Sexy, not Trashy.It is one thing to dress in sexy outfits and it’s totally a different story to dress and end up trashy. Without being judgmental, sexy is accommodated at any time of the day but trashy can only survive in your boyfriend’s bedroom when you decide to be naughty on a Friday night. Expose less When you dress sexy, you know better than to expose “everything”, yet when you dress trashy, it shows that you nothing about the science of the mind on how one attracts pleasant attention when they keep people guessing than when they leave nothing that makes people wonder what lies beneath that cheeky slit on their dress. The science Sexy would expose your legs and thighs, enough cleavage and arms to show off. This keeps anybody curious to know what’s more beneath all the reserved areas. But when you expose your legs, thighs, arms, back, cleavage and the like, you end up giving way too much candy to undeserving eyes. Remember, sexy and modest screams “Ooh-la-la + Respect”. Trashy on the other side would scream statements like, “am desperate for sexual attention (and it doesn’t matter from whom I get it)”. 6.   Use the days of the week:This couldn’t be rocket science!Let Mondaybe a no-joke-day but keep it sexy. Tuesdays are meant to be the “yeah-my-blue-Monday-was-yesterday” days. So create the look that says that you are approachable today since you weren’t yesterday as you were having a presentation at work, being a Monday. Wednesdayis a mid-week day and the countdown to the weekend starts here too. The best of us like to drop somewhere for a drink or two with colleagues after work on Wednesdays. So wearing something that would easily turn into a “club-look” later in the day wouldn’t be a bad idea. Wear a pair of high waist pants with suspenders plus killer heals. This totally rocks! Thursdaysare kind of dull and busy most of the times as there’s loads to do at work as the week draws to an end, but a simple fitting skirt and a sleeved top in wedge heels would do the trick.Fridays, wow, for most people, you’re allowed to show up at work in half-casual attires. So why not use that sort a sleek pair of skinny jeans you own and complete the look in stilettos or killer heeled pumps, a collard but sleeveless top and a cute blazer to wrap up the week? After all, you are bound to end up somewhere funky with the girls/boys after work and you don’t want to look like you just walked out of a choir practice from church into the club.For the weekends, well, let’s just say that I suspect that you’ll be warming each other’s beds and are likely to stay indoors. In whoever’s house you end up after the frenzy Friday night, I guess it suffices to assume that you’d make do with his buggy shirt or her towel would do till Sunday evening!
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