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…find the Will

By Zer @the2women
…find the will

...just remember mind over matter, stick to your guns, and where there's a will...

I came across an article last week about “decision fatigue.”  At the time I found it interesting enough, but moved on rather quickly.

Alas, I couldn’t help but change my mind and return to the subject…so here it is:

The concept of decision fatigue (and I’m majorly paraphrasing here…for full details click the New York Times link below) is that we get tired of making choices, and get lazy.

This is a daily process and it affects all kinds of things, but mostly our willpower.

As each day progresses we have many, many decisions to make, temptations to decide against, and fates to determine.  All of those choices take a toll on us and weaken our resolve.

In theory…

In a not so shocking turn of events, it’s less than a week later and someone else is already countering the idea.

An opposing hypothesis (aka the TIME article below) argues that our ability to make fair decisions and maintain our willpower lies in our belief that we have willpower.

Make sense?

Let me rephrase it.  If you believe that you can resist temptation, no matter what, you probably will.

If you believe that willpower is an expendable, limited resource you’ll probably lose it.

Of course, there is a way to help it along.  The answer is sugar (or glucose).  Seems a little anti-willpower, I know.

In theory, candy will help you maintain your willpower, and depending on what your willing against, may help you lose it as well.

So is willpower is all in your head and your glucose intake or out of your control?

I don’t know about you, but this debate is exhausting me…maybe I’ll have a cup of coffee, then reconsider…


“Mind Over Mind? ‘Decision Fatigue’ Saps Willpower–If We Let It”: TIME

…and the original story…

“Do You Suffer From Decision Fatigue”: New York Times

…bi-daily smile…

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