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Final Thoughts: 1st Asheville Domain Investor Meetup

Posted on the 05 August 2019 by Worldwide @thedomains

It’s been an exciting few days here in Asheville as an eclectic group of domain investors traveled from near and far to share visions, dreams, and ideas to help one another and the domain industry in general.

The farewell breakfast Saturday morning and the Brewery Tour that same afternoon were just the activities to put a nice bow on all the good accomplished over the last few days.

About 40 attendees attended the farewell breakfast as everyone shared their best memory of the event and stories from the past events.

Farewell Breakfast - 1st Asheville Domain Investor Meetup

Farewell Breakfast #2 - 1st Asheville Domain Investor Meetup

Farewell Breakfast #3 - 1st Asheville Domain Investor Meetup

My wife and I skipped out on the Brewery Tour in favor of taking a visit to the elegant Biltmore Estate — largest privately owned US home and estate with 250 rooms, 175,000 square feet, and across 8000 acres, which is a must-see venue should you ever visit Asheville. I’m still in awe that it only took 6 years to complete the building of such as massive edifice as I type this very moment.

Alvin and Mallary Brown at Biltmore Estate - Asheville, North Carolina

All in all, Rick Schwartz really hit the nail on the head with the timing, format, and venue of this meetup.

While sponsors attended, the real focus of the meetup was making space for domain investors to professionally and personally connect.

In my specific experience, I reconnected with a number of industry professionals and domain investors as well as made new relationships. One of the new relationships made was with one of the meetup sponsors, Fabulous.

While I’ve read and heard many folks in the industry express their gratitude and excitement in working with Mike Robertson, Director of Business Development at Fabulous, my wife and I had the pleasure of getting to know Mike.

And surprisingly, I also won Fabulous gear which came in handy during the Rooftop Party at Cambria Friday night.

Alvin Brown with Mike Robertson from at 1st Asheville Domain Investor Meetup

I’m grateful for relationships new and old, and the next-step conversations that’ll take place in the coming weeks.

The first 1st Asheville Domain Investor Meetup lived up to set expectations as billed. And when Schwartz questioned us attendees should he make the plunge for a second year or a South Florida meetup, there was not a hand in the room that didn’t raise.

And speaking of raise, I salute Rick Schwartz, Mike Berkens, and team for taking the risk to organize this game-changing event that’s likely to become the gold standard for domain investing’s “unconference model”.

In closing, would you attend a “unconference model” for domain investing?

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