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Film Review - Michael Fassbender - CENTURION

Posted on the 28 September 2012 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
film review - Michael Fassbender - CENTURION
Never forget that.
The crimes that are committed in the name of Empire, of Conquest, of Glory are never the real crimes, just a nice cover story concocted by co-conspirators. It's why we'll never really know why Dr David Kelly, why Gareth Hughes, why Jean Charles de Menezes, why 7/7, why 9/11. It's not our job to SHARE THAT TRUTH.
It's our job to be part of the Great Global Empire, part of the lie (in fact).
And this little British film from 2010 does exactly that, it shows the lie in all conquest. It shows a Britain raped and pillaged and enslaved by amoral gameplayers who were 'only doing their job' in a lawless outpost of the Roman Empire.
But it does something beautiful; it shows, it actually shows, how History is manipulated by the governors we elect, by the generals they appoint; all of you, you're all complicit in whatever prison planet hellhole we are made to endure.
I was watching the film, thinking, "How come I'm being made to root for the seven Roman Soldiers against the Picts here?" it's a British film, ffs. How come their editorial remit is geared towards the relationship between the seven invaders? How come Pictish is used (subtitled) in the film, so that our parents from way back when look like foreigners.
Fear not, it's only a vision of reality. The narrative and script are well worth your attention. The wonderful events leading up to the end of the film are EXACTLY how it had to end. I kinda love it, in a gore-splattery, northern humoury, actually quite touching kinda way. Don't think this is a romantic movie for softies or a Conan-style exercise in cynical bravado. Well, it sorta is, but it definitely is not its intent.
Guys wanna get home; regret being part of the Invasion Force - but do it anyway. Isn't that always the worth of our salt? To do, rather than to be?

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