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Fika 2.0

By Elena @Midsommarflicka

Have I ever told you, what a fika is?

I think, I never have, although it's so essential to the Swedish culture!

And what am I now going to mean with Fika 2.0?
Well, it's my little virtual version of a break & socialising with you.

Or, in other words: It's a post where I bomb yoou with all the things I recently found online and that mattered to me.

Because, I'm in the internet A LOT. For work, for my other work, for university and for pleasure. Sometimes it's really bad and I need a break, but mostly I am more fascinated by all the things that come to me through the internet...

Like these:

Artist covers the world in lace. I also want some in my street, yes? Did you hear me?

Emily Henderson explains how to hang art correctly. Definitely have to check that post once again when I move! (Cause there's no art-hanging happening any more in this apartment!)

Weltschmerz & Lebensmüde - two obscure German sorrows

Thalita, one of my blog buddies, writes a series of posts over at Yes and Yes and this one here is one of my favorites: How To Fake An Entryway When You Absolutely Don't Have One

Kirsten started a photo series called "Strickend durch Hamburg" meaning "Knitting across Hamburg" and I'd like to contribute with a pic one day!

I LOVE this post about 8 Things Strong, Secure, Stable Women Do WAY Differently! And I'm gonna try to remind myself daily of these eight things. And to live after them...

I want these tiny paper bookamrks pretty please! They would make all the literature I have for my thesis looking so much more fun!

Designer Creates Relaxing GIFs That'll Calm You After A Hard Day:
Fika 2.0
Fika 2.0

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