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Figs and Almond Cake Recipe | Fig Upside Down Cake

By Rahnaskitchen
Figs Almond Cake Recipe Upside Down

Figs and almond cake - a rich, dense yet airy cake made with plump figs.

I had a lots of figs lying idly in my refrigerator since past few days. I generally have them in my morning smoothie bowl. Figs are seasonal fruits, available for limited time. So thought why not to try something different.

When tried this recipe, I was amazed by the texture and taste that came out. It was subtly sweet enough to have with a cuppa. Honestly speaking, it was finished in one go just by three of us. And the highlight is I just got a small piece of it. Poor me 🙁

Figs are luscious fruits with a unique texture, smooth skin, chewy interior, and crunchy little seeds. Figs are available for very short time from June to September. Due its short availability, I don't leave any chance to use them in my recipes.

Recently I have tried fresh figs milkshake, it was super delicious. A great way to have quick breakfast.

Figs Almond Cake Recipe Upside Down

While searching about figs, I found some interesting knowings. Sharing few favourite here.

  1. The seeds inside the figs are actually blossoms which is my favourite part. Fig trees have no blossoms on their branches.
  2. Fresh figs, especially black mission figs, are high in phytonutrients and antioxidants such as carotenes, tannins, lutein, and chlorogenic acid and anti-oxidant vitamins such as vitamin A, E, and K.
  3. Figs are known as the "fruit of the gods".
  4. Figs are highly nutritious. 100 grams of dried figs contain 162 mg of calcium. In fact, half a cup of figs has the same amount of calcium as half a cup of milk.
  5. They are high in fibre. 2 ounce of fresh figs contains 140 calories and contain fibres equivalent to a slice of high fibre bread.
  6. The priests at Mission San Diego originally planted figs in California in 1769. This is how the dark purple fig became known as "Mission."
  7. Many believe it was figs that were actually the fruit in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve, not apples.
Figs and almond cake recipe | Fig upside down cake

This rustic figs and almond cake recipe is quite simple. It is a perfect balance of subtle sweet and spicy from cinnamon. Baking the figs brings an almost honey-like taste - no frosting or glaze required on this cake.

I have placed figs slices on the top of cake. If you wish to make fig upside down cake, the recipe will be the same just arrange figs slices at the base of cake pan and then pour the batter. This will make fig upside down cake.

Lets check the recipe now.

This summer I have also tried my hands on baking few very delicious fall cakes eggless apple upside down cake, Eggless rhubarb muffins with rhubarb syrup and bisquick blueberry cobbler recipe

If you are interested in eggless baking you may check these basic chocolate cake without condensed milk, chocolate walnut cake, eggless vanilla cake in microwave.

Figs and almond cake recipe | Fig upside down cake

Figs and almond cake recipe | Fig upside down cake

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