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By Jcomeaux @LadyWave4
I posted a new teaser from FIGHTING FOR THE EDGE on my Facebook page. Here it is if you missed it! And I have some release date news - the book will be out in November!!
Nick shimmied through the crowd, and Chris moved closer to Aubrey. “See that table of girls over there?” He jerked his chin toward a group of three women dressed in cut-up sweatshirts and neon-colored leggings. “They’ve been checking me out since we started dancing. Should I go over and test my player skills?”
“No, no.” Aubrey stepped in front of him as a blockade. “Rule number one – no hookups in foreign countries. Trust me, it’s a bad idea. And rule number two – no hooking up with fangirls. I saw that group at the hotel getting autographs. You’ll end up being discussed on some internet message board tomorrow.”
Chris looked back and forth between Aubrey and the table of admirers. “Those are valid points. But I need to practice my game.”
“We’ll go clubbing as soon as we get home.” The music became louder, and Aubrey raised her voice, “Why don’t you practice on me right now?”
“On you?”
“What? Am I not hot enough for you?”
He subtly swept a long look over her. “No, you are plenty hot enough.”
His smiling eyes shone at her in a way she’d never seen from him. It made her a little tingly… something she’d definitely never felt around him before.

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