Fight Like Cat and Dog

Posted on the 09 June 2021 by Idioms


  • argue jealously and violently all the time
  • a situation where two people are continuously arguing or fighting with each other about a particular issue
  • fighting or arguing a lot in quite a forceful and angry manner
  • two conflicting parties are yet to come up with an agreement or a peaceful way of dealing with things
  • violent and jealous disagreements between people who are not on good terms

Example Sentences

  1. The married couple fought like cat and dog the entire time they were together.
  2. The politicians tend to fight like cat and dog during general elections.
  3. As young children, we used to fight like cats and dogs any time we disagreed.
  4. Even though we are best friends, we tend to fight like cats and dogs whenever a sensitive issue occurs.
  5. Although twin girls appear to be good friends outdoors, they fight like cats and dogs at home.
  6. The two children of our neighbour Mrs. Bectors fight like cat and dog.


The origin is seen to be quite ambiguous, and the domestication of cats and dogs plays a key role. The phrase dates back to 1611, when it was performed at the Globe Theater. The play was about the Celtic legend of King Cunobelinus. Some critics found the play to be a disaster, while others saw it as a romantic gesture. However, the word 'fight' does not appear in the passage, but the reference to destroying and killing creatures clearly signifies the fight between cats and dogs.

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