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Fifa 12 Mobile App Review

Posted on the 15 February 2013 by Kalamazoo @samsungmobnews

The first football game for the iPhone/iPad to offer a suite of features not found on other gaming consoles, the effort EA has put into captivating users with the new Fifa App is proudly displayed. The full functionality of a touch screen is brilliantly utilised within the framework of a powerful new UI. Although several of the standard console features of the game have been retained, such as buttons for passing and shooting, the touch screen has added a whole new dimension of play to the game. Just tap the screen to quickly select players, and even the free kick controls have been revamped to include a smooth swipe motion over the screen,enabling you to send the ball exactly where you want it to go. But there’s more; if you have an iPhone as well as an iPad, you can even link the two together and use your iPhone as a controller.

For those of us who felt the absence of a Career Mode for Apple devices was a sad case of neglect on the part of EA, the ‘Manager Mode’ is one of the new major updates to the Fifa 12 App to remedy this problem. Although this is understandably not as extensive as the Career Mode found on the consoles, Manager Mode still offers a chance to play as any team from one of the 22 leagues around the world, and bend everything from the tactics to the players to your every whim.

Great news for enhanced graphics fans, the Fifa 12 App’s graphics engine has also been updated. Now including 32 realistic stadiums and the long sought after instant replay feature, this app is primed to take full advantage of the gorgeous Retina Display boasted by modern Apple devices. This overhaul of most important features, and a bit of polish to the rest has left the Fifa 12 App top of the pile in terms of entertainment and usability.

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