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Fidelis Roll Top Duffel

Posted on the 15 December 2013 by Manofmany @manofmanytastes

Fidelis Roll Top DuffelFidelis Roll Top Duffel

When you think of a superhero a couple elements come to mind: extraordinary powers, bad ass gadgets and the loyal sidekick. Batman was able to keep the city safe by himself, but every now and then, even The Caped Crusader could use a little help and welcomed the assistance of his criminal catching comrade, Robin. On the daily, you may not (or may, who knows) regularly fight crime, but on those days when you could use a helping hand, the Fidelis Roll Top Duffel is the sidekick of choice for the modern hero.

Like a traditional dry sack , the roll top duffel protects belongings from getting wet, but with the contemporary man in mind, this sack ensure your badass gadgets ( iPAD, GPS, cell phone) are protected as well. With 20L of cargo space to accompany you on any adventure, the Fidelis Roll Top Duffel is rough, tough and ready to go with you on as you continue your quest to be a superhero. If only you could get that superpowers thing down… US$68

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