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Fete Des Meres, Mother's Day in France

By Coreyamaro

Chelsea and Sacha as babies


Mother's Day in France is after Mother's Day in the States. As I live in France, but I am American, I thought I would be lucky enough to have a double dose in celebrating Mother's Day. But that never happened. Which was okay by me as long as Mother's Day was celebrated at least once a year.

My first time I celebrated Mother's Day Chelsea was five months old. I was excited anticipating what gift French Husband had chosen for me... Perfume, flowers maybe chocolate or perhaps he had spoiled me and had all three? Perhaps he had planned to take me out to dinner. That morning as he ready himself I fluttered around the kitchen with giddiness. As soon as he stepped foot into the kitchen I wrapped my arms around him like a child waiting for Santa, blurting, "Okay, okay, I am so exicted, just tell me now, how are we celebrating Mother's Day?"

Confused and caught off guard he said, "But you are not my Mother."

My arms drop as my happy moment spilled to the floor. I reminded him that I knew that I wasn't his mother, but that I was the Mother of our child... and well er um I kind of was hoping for some hoopla.

Now, years later that has become a classic expression in our minds when Mother's Day rolls around I remind him, "Honey, the holiday: I am not your Mother, is coming." 

Yesterday we celebrated Mother's Day Sacha came home and we three went out to lunch. Next weekend Chelsea will be home... Oh la la, finally after 24 years I will celebrate Mother's Day twice, plus French Husband gave me the most wonderful gift... Chelsea and Sacha xx


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