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Fertility the Third Time Around

By Blondie @heyblondieblog

I have gone back and forth and back and forth again on whether or not to post about this current journey we are on. It is such an emotional one for me (and Dagwood) but me especially with all the hormones pumping through my system. But this is my blog and since it is about my family's life here goes...
Taking the leap of faith that y'all will be gentle and understanding as this journey unfolds. I'll try to keep it to the high points and not get too detailed but can't promise anything. Not to be rude...but if you don't care for this topic.. stop reading. Thanks!
And to all the family and friends who did not know we were you do! Love you all!
Dagwood and I have thrown the topic of a third child around for a while but it was random and we always went back to "Nah. We are pretty content right now with where we are."
One night over chips and salsa Dagwood brought it up and we kinda looked at each other and said ok let's go for it. Seriously, it was that quick and easy of a conversation. I still think back that it is crazy how simple a decision it was. We were just both ready, I guess. Now don't get me wrong; we have looked at each other since and thought we might have lost our marbles but still lunge forward.
With our experience in the past we knew it would take some help to get pregnant. I prayed that if this was not meant to be to let it be clear and am actually still praying this. We decided to call our fertility doctor and see when she might be able to see us.
There was an appt open for the following day! We love Dr H. She is very down to earth, say it like it is and very supportive. She thought that we should start right off with what worked last time to get pregnant with OM. This means we don't have to do the months and months of trying on our own, then pills and everything that we have done in years past. This was an answer to prayer! The emotional strain of trying and trying and nothing happening is torture.
Sooo, without all the gruesome details, I started shooting up on my birthday. My birthday present was to begin this process! You might laugh but I had actually prayed that this was all I wanted for my birthday. God answered! The shots in my stomach do not necessarily hurt but it is so hard to just do it. I sit there and Dagwood is there as my cheerleader. He is awesome! I ended up doing 8 days of shots in my stomach!
** I was making notes to remember what happened each day along the way not knowing whether I would post this or not. Here are those notes.**
Tuesday. 8/21/12 Begin shots in the my stomach today. It didn't hurt but took a while to build up my courage to just do it.
Monday. 8/27/12. I went in to see if we were ready. It was a no-go. Bummer! So another night of shots.
Tuesday. 8/28/12. Another early morning appt and still not ready. Another shot tonight and go back tomorrow. Very emotional today. Trying not to be but can't seem to keep the tears back. This is such an emotional journey we are on!
Wednesday. 8/29/12 Ready!!! Bootie HCG shot tonight and IUI on Friday!
Friday. 8/31/12 IUI complete! Now wait and see. I have walking pneumonia. Ugh!
Wednesday. 9/5/12 bloodwork and all looks good. Come back next Wednesday for Prenancy test!!!
Wednesday. 9/12/12 Pregnancy bloodwork done at 7:30am. Didn't hear until 3:52pm the results. Indeterminate! HCG (the pregnancy hormone) 9.1 and Progesterone 9 which are both higher than a negative but not even close to a full out positive. Have to double my progesterone for the next few days. Need my HCG to double by Friday when I re-do pregnancy bloodwork or most likely not pregnant. Very emotional this afternoon. Dagwood is so supportive and calm about this. I love that man! Many thanks to some special friends for their love and support as well.
Well, that gets you up to date on our journey so far. Praying for a doubled number by tomorrow morning which would bring us closer to out of indeterminate and into positive prenancy! If not as Dagwood keeps saying, we will try again.
If you are willing to; please pray for tomorrow morning! I sure hope to hear before 3:52pm! It was such an anxious afternoon. Couldn't concentrate on my work!

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