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Feminists Are Supposed To Stand For Equality

By Monicasmommusings @mom2natkatcj
Remember the radical bra burning feminists of the 60s and 70s?  They had a clear cut agenda when it came to women's rights!  They were fighting for our equality.  Equal pay for equal work.  That's what they stood for.  Seeing some of the so called feminists of today I can't help but wonder if the radicals are hitting hand to head in disbelief at some of these women.  Because it doesn't seem they are fighting for equality, but rather to be treated better!
They Want It Both Ways 
Today's so called feminist doesn't just want equality, they want men to bow down to them.  I'm all for women can do anything they want.  I have raised my daughters in this manner.  There's no such thing as can't do there's only can do.  But what I am seeing is a rash of complete disregard for men in relationships.  
Fathers don't have rights.  If a law is proposed that child support receivers should have to do mandatory drug testing to receive that support, then here come the feminists to say oh no another war against women!  What about the men who have custody of their children?  Sure it may be rare, but women are not the only ones who are the primary caregiver.  How by any stretch of the imagination is this a war against women?
And that's another thing, men getting custody of children is very rare.  I have seen many cases where the father might be a better primary caretaker of a child, but it's still so greatly believed that women are more maternal than men.
We Need To Raise Our Sons To Treat Women Right 
I don't want my girls thinking they can do whatever they want to a man and he can't do anything back because she's a girl.  Doesn't that send mixed messages?  Women are as strong as men, but no matter what a man shouldn't put his hands on a woman in anger.  As far as I'm concerned any hitting from my son or my daughters is completely unacceptable.  My daughters need to learn to treat a man right just as much as my son needs to learn to treat a woman right.  And my husband and I model this every single day for our children.  We treat each other with love and respect.  It's not all my way or no way and it's not all his way.  Women's rights are about equality!  Or at least it used to be.  Now I'm just not so sure that that's the case.
Do Men Still Have Rights?
If we're going to say that women can do anything men can do, then we have to say that men can do anything women can do.  And that would mean they can cook, clean, and raise children.  Yet society doesn't seem so ready to acknowledge the men who can do woman's work.  Can a man say his career is male nurse get a lot of respect from people?  Probably not, but many times male nurses are more nurturing and caring than their female counterparts.
A man has no say in reproductive rights.  If a man and a woman lay down together and mutually agree to have sex why does a man's choice end after that?  Why can't he say I don't want this baby aborted, I want to raise it?  Or if you keep this baby I'm not prepared to support it.  Not that I necessarily agree with abortion, but if two consenting adults lay down together it's not fair that only the woman gets to decide to keep or abort that baby.
Where are the men crying and screaming that they aren't being treated fairly as a father?  There are all kinds of families in this world and we're all just doing what we can to get by.  Some women are working and men are staying home.  Some have both mom and dad working.  Some have mom staying home and dad working.  We're all just trying to do best by our family.
I truly appreciate the earlier feminists who paved the way for women.  The ones who got women the right to vote and the ones who fought to get women the rights to do equal work for equal pay, but I can't say the feminists I'm seeing today I have a whole lot of respect for.  Because what it appears to me that they are trying to achieve is women being placed on a pedestal.  Not equality which is what former feminists worked so hard for.  It feels like all of their hard work is being undone so some women with big mouths can be kept instead of actually being out there and doing an honest days work for an honest days pay.  I want equality for men and for women!
Do you feel that many modern day feminists go too far with their cries of the war against women?
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